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Talk Starts at 2:30 p.m. May 6 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh

Cleveland – System Seals Inc., a research-based seal manufacturer focused on hydraulic cylinder optimization, will detail new technologies that can improve cylinder performance and prevent seal failure in metal processing plants.

The presentation, “The Development of Composite Bushings to Increase Performance and Reliability of HAGC Systems,” will outline recent research in sideload forces, how guide bands affect seal performance and new software that prevents seal failure in AGCs.

The talk will also cover chemical compatibility, wear properties, friction and an overview of why seals fail and how to prevent it. Seal failure in metal-processing plants is a leading cause of unplanned maintenance and the loss of millions of dollars in downtime.

System Seals Application Engineer Tim Girardi will detail real-life examples of steel mills that have taken advantage of the process. One case study outlines how the system enabled an OEM to dramatically reduce costs by shortening the cylinder size.

About System Seals
Based in Cleveland, System Seals is a research-focused, international seal manufacturer that works in close collaboration with OEMs and maintenance-and-repair customers. The company’s Engineering Center uses state-of-the-art testing and design tools to identify and overcome weaknesses in stock seals, while developing new ways to optimize overall performance. The company serves a variety of industries including steel mills and metal processing, forging, oil & gas, mining, mobile hydraulics, cylinder repair and maintenance, wind power and injection molding.