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Upgrading Compressor Seals Often Results in Much Greater Dependability

Industrial compressors are too often manufactured and maintained with identical seals and little understanding for how those seals affect overall performance. At System Seals, we take the time to understand the nuances on each piece of equipment and make modifications that carry large results–results in reliability, performance, and dependability.  

For OEMs, customers work directly with System Seals’ engineers in a collaborative process to create sealing systems that add value to the products they make. This often involves utilizing the most advanced engineering tools, such as Finite Element Analysis.

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  • The new seal performed flawlessly in initial lab tests and then for more than a year in the field. System Seals now produces all new pitch-bearing seals for one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world.

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Contact a System Seals specialist now to learn how any of our products can be customized in design and materials to better suit your specific application. This can sometimes include advanced engineering techniques, such as finite element analysis.


“System Seals consistently produces high quality seals for our products, and I highly recommend them for all high-performing seals”

– Peter Pfund, Schuler Incorporated

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Tim Girardi

As an applications engineer, Tim Girardi is no stranger to hi-tech or complex designs. For five years, he designed explosion-proof electrical enclosures and accessories with an additional five years designing pumps and mechanical actuators for the aerospace industry.

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