Hydraulic Presses

Adding Value in Unexpected Ways

Heavy duty hydraulic press seals customized to the equipment

The condition and operating parameters of hydraulic presses can vary greatly, even within the same facility. This is why System Seals carefully analyzes existing equipment before recommending a sealing solution. In many cases, even a small modification in seal design or materials can make a substantial difference in seal life, reliability and performance.

For OEMs, customers work directly with System Seals’ engineers in a collaborative process to create seals and sealing systems that add value to the products they make. This often involves utilizing the most advanced engineering tools, such as Finite Element Analysis.

System Seals develops customized, heavy-duty hydraulic press seals for the following applications:

  • Custom Cylinders
  • Subsea applications
  • Mill Duty
  • Gas Spring
  • Large Bore
  • Long Stroke
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • High pressure Pumps
  • Bolt Tensioners

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Contact a System Seals specialist now to learn how any of our products can be customized in design and materials to better suit your specific application for heavy duty hydraulic presses and other equipment. This can include advanced engineering techniques, such as finite element analysis.

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With nearly two decades in the seal industry, Tim Batten has worked with the largest forging and extrusion plants in the nation, helping to optimize equipment performance and reliability.

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