Food and Beverage

Leak Free Seals For the Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage processing industries operate in some of the most rigorous and challenging environments. That’s why System Seals has engineered some of the highest quality sealing solutions available in the marketplace. These seals adhere to regulatory compliance while meeting the efficiency demands of our customers. The impact of process media from oils and acids to sugars and salts, as well as cleaning chemicals and steam sterilization, can severely limit the lifetime and reliability of the seals. System Seals has a full range of materials that can handle these unique challenges, all while meeting the highest hygiene standards. Our sealing solutions are proven to increase safety and reliability, and prevent the transfer of aroma and flavor.




  • Filling Machines
  • Bread & Noodle Machines
  • Food Presses
  • Meat & Dairy Processing
  • Tablet Presses
  • Cosmetics
  • Conveyor Bearings
  • Food Mixers
  • Fast Freeze Systems
  • Ovens


  • Human Safety
  • Aroma and Flavor Transfer
  • X-ray Visibility
  • Steam Sterilization
    Caustic Cleaning Agents
    Corrosion Resistance
    Wide Temperature Ranges

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  • The new seal performed flawlessly in initial lab tests and then for more than a year in the field. System Seals now produces all new pitch-bearing seals for one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world.

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“System Seals consistently produces high quality seals for our products, and I highly recommend them for all high-performing seals”

– Peter Pfund, Schuler Incorporated

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