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To develop a new, ultra long-lasting seal kit for hydraulic mounting system with limited space for seals.


System Seals designed a high strength, low friction sealing system able to withstand the high pressure and short stroke, while fitting within dimensional constraints.


The sealing system was able to endure 10 years of leak-free service life. The seals were removed during a planned repair, and were found to have almost no wear.

More than a decade ago, a well-known global OEM introduced a new system to quickly change out rolls in flat mills by hydraulically mounting and dismounting the bearings. It was a vast improvement that decreased the time to change rolls, and increase reliability of the mill. For the system to be effective in the long term, it required a reliable sealing system that could endure years of harsh conditions.

Working closely with the OEM’s engineering team, System Seals developed a sealing system that was able to meet the dimensional restrictions of the equipment, in addition to being exposed to high pressures and a short, dithering stroke. This required custom designed profiles, and System Seals’ proprietary blend of filled PTFE.

Initial testing was approved, and the seals were made standard in the OEM’s new roll change system. Over time, the seals proved to work remarkably well, and easily passed the anticipated three-year lifespan. Throughout the rest of teh decade, the System Seals kits would become standard in all the hydraulic mounting systems worldwide.

System Seals was eventually congratulated by the company for reaching a milestone no one expected. Some of the original seals installed on first-generation equipment were still performing well after ten years of service, and showed very little signs of wear.

It was a testament to the design and build quality that sets System Seals apart from other seal companies.

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