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ROI Study For A Raute Wood Press Line


To develop a retrofit solution to stop massive oil leaks on board press main rams.


System Seals designed a custom size seal type 127 made for abrasion-resistant MP03 polyurethane to replace the OEM molded packing.


Oil leakage stopped the leakage and increased uptime between seal replacements by a factor of four! The new packing was also less expensive and easier to install.

A prominent manufacturer of engineered wood products in Wilmington, NC was losing $30,500 per year due to leaking oil on their Raute wood press. After attempting to fins a csolution through the OEM, the manufacturer reached out to System Seals for help.

The soultion was found through designing a custom type 127 profile seal that would directly retrofit the current OEM supplied packing. This seal consists of a double lip, asymmetrical U-cup made from our abrasion-resistant MP03 material; coupled with a full-faced backup ring for anti-extrusion. The new seal was is less expensive, significantly easier to install, and eliminated all leaks.

After the initial trial proved successful, all 56 rams on this press line were upgraded the the System Seals sealing solution. The table below shows a breakdown of savings for the entirety of all presses on line 2 that received the updated seals.

Download the Case Study (PDF)