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Users of traditional V-Packing know the frustration of making continuous adjustments over time, as the packing loses its ability to energize. System Seals has an innovative solution for that: The SpringPak – V-Packing with a series of high-pressure springs built into the male adapter.

Each spring produces up to 35 Newtons of pressure, so the packing constantly energizes itself, maintaining extraordinary seal function even after extensive wear. The spring force is designed to maintain a constant compression force regardless of diameter or cross section. This results in constant performance throughout the product range.

Like all System Seals products, the new SpringPak can be custom designed in advanced materials and fitted to any equipment for greater performance, longevity and reliability. The SpringPak is virtually maintenance free, making shims a thing of the past. Click here to see 167 Series SpringPak line card.

Every order comes with a Technical Service Package from the System Seals’ Engineering Center. This free package includes a variety of services such as proposal drawings, finite element analysis, seal failure analysis, engineering calculations, on-site installation support and technical training.



  • Developed for non-adjustable housings
  • Also effective with adjustable housings
  • Constantly energizes itself to adjust to seal wear
  • No more shims into the V-Packing lifecycle
  • Maintenance free
  • System Seals’ Technical Support Package