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When Regular Wipers Just Can’t Cut through the Dirt

System Seals engineers have seen a steady and persistent problem in harsh environments: Traditional wipers are just too soft to cut through heavily encrusted contaminants such as ice, dirt and salt, from the rods of hydraulic cylinders.

So System Seals’ Research and Development Lab set out to redesign a new generation of heavy duty scrapers – the 321 Series Severe Duty Wiper. Made from high-quality thermoplastics, such as PEEK or POM, the 321 cuts through the hardest materials in the most severe conditions.

To ensure that the cylinder remains free of smaller contaminants and unwanted fluids, the 321 is easily fitted outside of a traditional wiper for double protection.

The 321 is a breakthrough for many applications, including steel and aluminum processing, mining, mobile hydraulics and construction. It thrives in severely contaminated applications, such as steel mills and offshore environments, where salt and sticky contamination is relentless.

System Seals customers are using the 321 as an upgrade to softer wipers or as a backup for additional protection. Either way, ask a System Seals engineer how the 321, or any of our other specialty products, can maximize your process and production.

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