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As the Oil & Gas industry pushed its equipment to ever greater limits, the need for more robust, high-performance seals grows increasingly important. As a leading custom seal manufacturer, System Seals develops some of the most technologically advanced seals specifically for high pressures and high temperatures, as well as rapid gas decompression.

With an in-house Research and Development lab and extensive Engineering Center, System Seals focuses on specialty products for petroleum equipment designed to perform at the very highest levels. System Seals engineers use state-of-the-art tools such as Finite Element Analysis to refine new seal designs and seek advanced levels of improvement.

This includes custom-blended and specified materials developed and tested in our laboratory. Many of our materials meet NORSOK requirements and are available in ED resistant compounds.


  • BOP Connectors
  • BOP Ram Shaft Seal Assemblies
  • BOP Hydraulic Actuators
  • Depth Compensator Cylinders
  • Choke & Kill Connections
  • BOP Door Seals
  • Downhole Tools
  • Mud Boost Lines
  • Subsea Accumulators
  • SPM Valves


Oil & Gas equipment manufacturers have been steadily increasing the clearances in their equipment assemblies as a way to ease maintenance and reduce errors in the field. The challenge in this, however, is accommodating large clearances with seals that can still withstand high pressures and high temperatures, while resisting extrusion.

System Seals was one of the first seal producers to design Oil & Gas seals specifically for wider clearances to meet this need. It’s a focus the company continues to advance and has provided vast new efficiencies through petroleum industry. And, System Seals engineers always welcome new collaborations to overcome unique challenges and solve everyday problems.



Design Optimization ProcessThe System Seals Engineering Center uses an exclusive Design Optimization process that provides customers with the most advanced sealing solutions available. This step-by-step process outlined below includes the Technical Service Package from inquiry to installation. There is no faster or more effective service available in the industry.



We analyze every aspect of a seal application and all operating parameters. This is done for new OEM concepts, as well as existing equipment and maintenance and repair. We focus on how different seal components can be optimized as a more effective interdependent system.



Our Engineering Center does all the technical work for you, free of charge. This includes all technical work, drawings and even failure analysis if needed.



The full resources of our Research & Development lab are included with your Technical Service Package. This can include Finite Element Analysis, fluid compatibility testing and materials analysis.



Drawings are usually provided for review in 1-2 days and more quickly in emergency situations. The design review process often becomes a collaboration that enables customers to work directly with our Engineering Center to reach the best possible solutions.



After new designs are prototyped, tested and produced, System Seals helps with a variety of services after delivery, again at no additional charge, such as on-site installation, trouble shooting, training and ongoing technical support.


About System Seals
System Seals is an international research-based seal manufacturer that works in close collaboration with OEMs and maintenance-and-repair customers. The company’s Cleveland-based Engineering Center uses state-of-the-art testing and design tools to identify and overcome weaknesses in standard seals. Through research and development the company also develops new ways to optimize interconnected seals into more effective seal systems. For more information
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