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System Seals has launched an advanced new web site designed specifically with the engineer in mind. The site includes free CAD downloads for most of System Seals’ products, configured in both inches and metric in more than 150 file formats. Below are some compelling ways that this new service will make life easier for every design engineer.

Time Savings

When engineers model parts that their company doesn’t produce, it translates directly into lost engineering time. On average engineers spend about an hour per day recreating outside parts they need in design. A recent survey revealed that 57 percent of OEM engineers spend 30 minutes per day just searching for standard or supplier parts online.

Organizational Improvement

Many engineers struggle to keep a well-organized internal library. They often lack reliable data and search continuously for parts. It’s time-consuming and problematic. Organizational challenges reduce design accuracy and creates downstream issues for other departments.

Adapts to any file format

System Seals now can deliver 2D and 3D part models and CAD data in the almost any native format, totaling more than 150 formats in all with a single click.

Greater work efficiency

Research shows that interruptions pose the greatest threat to design accuracy and productivity. When engineers are forced literally to recreate the wheel, they are taken off task and must regroup when they return to their core project.

Better organizational work flow

With more specialized CAD platforms in play, many companies have multiple employees working within non-compatible CAD systems. This creates a fragmented environment and libraries of unusable data. System Seals offers multiple file formats and consolidates parts and formats into one location. When additional products are needed, System Seals design engineers help make that happen.
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