Tim Batten

Applications and Sales Engineer

With nearly two decades in the seal industry, Tim Batten has worked with the largest forging and extrusion plants in the nation, helping to optimize equipment performance and reliability.

Because large forging presses tend to change over time, Tim works closely with plant operators to find the best sealing solutions for each piece of equipment. This could include a seal-failure analysis or custom engineering designs and materials for extended longevity, especially in older presses that can quickly damage elastomer seals.

During capital projects and equipment rebuilds, Tim and the System Seals engineering team provide an on-site consulting service to review seal performance and analyze equipment condition. By incorporating advanced engineering techniques, Tim and the engineering team perform an on-site diagnosis and identify new opportunities for improvement.

Customers in engineering and maintenance know they can call Tim directly any time and receive immediate support. The service continues long after the sale with supplemental support, such as trouble shooting, technical help and even on-site installation.

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