After extensive research and development, System Seals has designed a breakthrough waterproof wiper that eliminates all internal corrosion issues associates with traditional wipers.

The new 317 Mill-Duty Double-Acting wiper is designed with an aggressive profile and a unique umbrella feature that wraps around the face of the cylinder to create an impenetrable water barrier. It works particularly well in vertically mounted cylinders, where fluid splash and contaminates collect in very harsh conditions.

The 317 came as a result from working in close collaboration with leading mill operators worldwide to gain a better understanding about their specific needs and concerns. The final product creates new standards in uptime and equipment reliability.

The double-acting lip of the 317 removes oil film from the rod as it cycles, while optional internal notches prevent pressure trapping. The wiper features MN76 or MP03, a high-grade abrasion-resistant elastomer. And as with all System Seals products, the 317 is available in any diameter up to 2100 millimeters.

This product is ideal for steel and aluminum processing, cold and hot strip mills and automatic gauge control cylinders. Regardless of the industry, System Seals specialists can help with new technologies that substantially advance productivity and reliability in your equipment.