Dirt Wiper – Double Acting – Special



Internal notches prevent pressure trapping

Designed to fit securely in the groove

Long service life

Easy snap-in installation

Available in large diameter up to 2100 mm



The 317 Series Mill-Duty, Double-Acting Wiper is used in severely contaminated, wet and abrasive conditions.

Typical Applications

  • Steel and aluminum processing
  • Cold and hot strip mills
  • Automatic Gauge Control cylinders


The 317 Series Mill-Duty, Double-Acting Wiper features MN76, a high-grade abrasion-resistant elastomer.

Material Code
Polyurethane H-PU MP03
Nitrile NBR MN01
Hydrogenated NBR MN76
Fluroelastomer FPM MF01
Temperature MP03
hydraulic oil -20…+115 -5…+240
water oil emulsions (HFA) +5…+55 +40…+130
water-glycol fluids (HFC) -20…+55 -5…+130
polyol esters (HFD)
water +5…+55 +40…+130
Speed 2 m/s (6.5 ft/sec)
Pressure 400 bar (6000 psi)

Note: for other materials or fluids please contact our engineering department.

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