System Seals’ Research and Development lab has created a new upgrade to the standard cast iron piston rings. The 273 Series Piston Seal is suitable for use in applications with unusually large clearance gaps and where the seal must pass across a port.


Manufactured from high modulus materials, such as UHMWPE, POM or PEEK, the seal has high extrusion resistance to counter the large clearance gaps, a scenario where most seals would have a high potential for failure. The 273 uses a high modulus seal cap which is step-cut for easy installation.  Designed to seal at the gap and minimize drift during operation, the 273 piston seal is ideal for mobile hydraulic applications.


Cast iron piston rings have long been popular for their rigid, wear-resistant properties. The 273 offers the same characteristics as a direct retrofit option. And like all System Seals products, the 273 is available in a variety of materials and sizes from 6mm to 2100mm in standard or custom diameters. View the new 273 Step-Cut Port-Safe Piston Seal here.


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