Oil, Gas & Petroleum

High-Pressure, High-Temperature Seals

As the Oil & Gas industry pushes its equipment to ever greater limits, the need for more robust, high-performance seals grows increasingly important. As a leading custom seal producer, System Seals develops some of the most technologically advanced seals specifically for high pressures and high temperatures, as well as rapid gas decompression.

With an in-house Research and Development lab and an extensive Engineering Center, System Seals focuses on specialty products for petroleum equipment designed to performance at the very highest levels. System Seals engineers use state-of-the-art tools such as Finite Element Analysis to refine new seal designs and seek advanced levels of improvement.

This includes custom-blended and specified materials developed and tested in our laboratory. Many of our materials meet NORSOK ageing requirements and are available in ED resistant compounds.

System Seals’ oil and gas products are engineered to be the best performing seals in the industry. This includes large diameter and application-specific seals designed and tested for the most extreme conditions, such as high pressures, temperatures, high clearance and fluid compatibility.

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