Dan Shannon

P: 724.263.3899
E: danshannon@systemseals.com

Sales and Applications Engineer

With nearly four decades in the seal industry, Dan Shannon has spent his career in the trenches worldwide, trouble shooting seal issue and developing new solutions. He has successfully installed seals in the industry’s largest surface mining equipment, and in the process, he has extended the meantime between repacks tenfold.

Dan’s expertise goes beyond seals and into the specific equipment within mines, steel mills and forging plants. He was awarded a patent for an anti-corrosion mining wiper that continues to save millions of dollars each year by minimizing equipment damage.

He was also instrumental in introducing over sized sealing components into long-wall mining equipment. Dan has played a key role in stopping low-pressure rod leaks on mobile equipment, such as excavators and loaders, with new seal designs and material changes.

Dan holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and today works closely with System Seals’ engineering team to advance seal technology within his specialty industries.