Arnold von Engelbrechten


Arnold von Engelbrechten is the founder and CEO of System Seals, a pioneer in sealing solutions for complex applications. Since its founding in 1995, System Seals has grown into a multinational corporation with an active presence in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

As the company visionary, Arnold has dedicated himself to fostering strong leadership teams and cultivating a company culture that prioritizes growth, innovation, and employee development. Under his guidance, these teams have enabled the company to show impressive organic growth on a global scale, while also successfully completing two strategic acquisitions in the USA and Austria. The teams have also been at the forefront of several innovative projects in the Steel, Oil & Gas, and Wind Industries, contributing significantly to advancements in sealing and material technology.

Arnold von Engelbrechten holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Trinity College & Technological University, Dublin. His vision for the future of System Seals includes continuing to drive industry innovation, achieving growth through new customer acquisition, and delivering outstanding service to our customers.

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