Heavy-Duty Rod Seal with Integrated Backup Ring

Series 188: Heavy-Duty Rod Seal with Integrated Backup Ring

The 188 Series rod seal is a heavy duty, low-friction design, consisting of a PTFE filled seal, a profiled energizer and an integrated backup ring. It is designed for large diameter and challenging applications, where high pressure and large extrusion gaps exist. The seal is ideal for short-stroke, dithering applications.



Low friction

Short-stroke applications

High-temperature resistance

Low wear

Extrusion resistant

Compatible with a wide range of media

Available in diameters up to 2100 mm


The 188 Series Heavy-Duty Rod Seal with Integrated Backup Ring is ideal for high-pressure sealing applications, offering low-friction performance and short-stroke capability.

Typical Applications

  • Forging presses
  • Extrusion Presses
  • Stamping presses
  • Rolling Mills
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Hydraulic Presses

The 188 Series is a custom blended PTFE filled compound that provides ultra-low friction and high-speed performance with minimal wear. The standard compounds are PTFE with Bronze filler, or PTFE filled with Glass-Moly. The backup ring can be made from Polyamide, Delrin or POM. The temperature range of the seal can be increased by selecting a FPM energizer in place of the standard NBR energizer.

Material Code
PTFE-Bronze + NBR + POM MT24
PTFE-Glass-Moly MT84
Temperature MT24


hydraulic oil -30…+100 -22…+212 -30…+100 -22…+212
water oil emulsions (HFA) - -0 +5…+60 +40…+140
water-glycol fl uids (HFC) - - -30…+60 -22…+140
polyol esters (HFD) - - - -
water - - -5…+100 +40…+212
Speed 5 m/s (16.5 ft/sec)
Pressure 400 bar (6000 psi)

Note: for other materials or fluids please contact our engineering department.