Guide Band – Split 45° – TC



Easily manufactured to accommodate over sized conditions during rework

Very accurate and precise guidance of the cylinder components

Withstands very high side loads during operations

Maximizes efficiency of the dynamic seals

Wide temperature range


The 847 Piston Series Guide Band is the ideal solutions where high side loads and deflections are present.

Typical Applications

  • Leg jack cylinders
  • Base lift cylinders
  • Tip jack cylinders
  • Face ram cylinders
  • Tailgate tensioning cylinders


The 847 Piston Series Guide Band is made from MTC1, a thermoset polyester resin reinforced with a synthetic fabric.

Material Code
Polyester Resin Fabric MTC1
Temperature MTC1/MTC20
hydraulic oil -40…+120 -40…+248
water oil emulsions (HFA) +5…+60 +41…+140
water-glycol fluids (HFC) -40…+60 -40…+140
polyol esters (HFD) -40…+100 -40…+140
water +5…+60 +41…+140
Speed 1 m/s (3.3 ft/sec)
Load <50 n/mm (<7250 psi)

Note: for other materials or fluids please contact our engineering department.

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