Flange Face Seal

Series 509: Flange Face Seal

The 509 series face seal is a flange seal designed to eliminate O-ring associated leakage problems in flange assemblies. Consisting of a specially designed elastomeric sealing element and used with an anti-extrusion ring, the 509 series is engineered as a drop-in replacement for stand O-ring seals. Manufactured in a variety of materials up to 2100 mm.



High-pressure capability and wide temperature range

Excellent fluid compatibility including water-based fluids

Highly extrusion resistant

Extended service life

Direct retrofit for O-ring groove sizes

Readily available in custom cross sections, heavy-duty designs


The 509 series face seal is one of the most versatile seals typically used to connect larger sizes of pipe, tube, and hose in fluid power systems.

Typical applications include:

  • S.A.E. J518c Flange
  • 4-Bolt Split Flange
  • Code 61 and 62 Flanges
  • ISO 6141, DIN 20066, JIS B 8363
  • High-Pressure Flange Connections
  • BOP Door Seals
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Face Seals

The 509 series flange seal features high-grade polyurethane MP30 H-PU, available up to 2100 mm in diameter. To suit a variety of applications the series is also available in NBR, H-NBR, EPDM, and high temperature-resistant FPM. The backup ring materials include POM, polyamide, PTFE with bronze filler and PEEK.

Material Code
Polyurethane H-PU/POM MP30
Hydrogenated NBR/PTFE-Bz MN32
Hydrogenated NBR/POM MN30
Temperature MP30

hydraulic oil -20…+115 -5…+240
water oil emulsions (HFA) +5…+55 +40…+130
water-glycol fl uids (HFC) -20…+55 -5….+130
polyol esters (HFD) - -
water +5…+55 +40…+130
Speed -
Pressure 1380 bar (20000 psi)

Note: for other materials or fluids please contact our engineering department.