System Seals leads the industry in large-diameter seals by developing some of the most technologically advanced products up to 8 meters in diameter. Our large-diameter products include traditional seals, backup rings, energizers, wipers and guide bands in metric or inch. They come in standard or custom sizes and profiles and even proprietary materials. There are no minimum orders, and System Seals sets the standard for the fastest lead times for quotes, designs, production and delivery – anywhere in the world.
Custom Profiles and Materials
Seals that are 5500mm and larger typically aren’t produced in stock quantities. That’s why customers work directly with our specialists in the System Seals Engineering Center for custom designs, profiles and materials that are machined specifically to their application. Base materials include polyurethane, PTFE, polyamides and elastomers.



Free Technical Service Package

Each customer of large diameter seals is provided with a comprehensive Technical Service Package from the System Seals Engineering Center. This free service includes a variety of available services such as:

* Proposal drawings
* Trouble shooting
* Finite element analysis
* Seal failure analysis
* Engineering calculations
* Prototype designs and testing
* Materials engineering
* On-site installation support
* Technical training
* 24/7 emergency support
Design Optimization Process


The System Seals Engineering Center uses an exclusive Design Optimization process that provides customers with the most advanced sealing solutions available. This step-by-step process outlined below includes the Technical Service Package from inquiry to installation. There is no faster or more effective service available in the industry.



We analyze every aspect of a seal application and all operating parameters. This is done for new OEM concepts, as well as existing equipment and maintenance and repair. We focus on how different seal components can be optimized as a more effective interdependent system.



Our Engineering Center does all the technical work for you, free of charge. This includes all technical work, drawings and even failure analysis if needed.



The full resources of our Research & Development lab are included with your Technical Service Package. This can include Finite Element Analysis, fluid compatibility testing and materials analysis.



Drawings are usually provided for review in 1-2 days and more quickly in emergency situations. The design review process often becomes a collaboration that enables customers to work directly with our Engineering Center to reach the best possible solutions.



After new designs are prototyped, tested and produced, System Seals helps with a variety of services after delivery, again at no additional charge, such as on-site installation, trouble shooting, training and ongoing technical support.
System Seals Fact Sheet

System Seals Overview Brochure

About System Seals

System Seals is an international research-based seal manufacturer that works in close collaboration with OEMs and maintenance-and-repair customers. The company’s Cleveland-based Engineering Center uses state-of-the-art testing and design tools to identify and overcome weaknesses in standard seals. Through research and development the company also develops new ways to optimize interconnected seals into more effective seal systems. For more information

Industries Served
* Mining
* Forging & Extrusion
* Steel & Aluminum Processing
* Oil, Gas & Petroleum
* Pulp & Paper
* Cylinders
* Hydraulic Presses
* Wind Energy
* Large mobile hydraulics
* Injection molding