MP320 is a HPU material with hardness 95 Shore A and 48 Shore D. MP320 is a universally applicable sealing material which an be characterized by its wide service temperature. The polyurethane polymer industry has enormous categories of products for a wide variety of applications. Polyurethane used in the seal industry is a thermoplastic elastomer (HPU). As the name suggests, it behaves like an elastomer but the chemistry is of a thermoplastic. The elasticity of a HPU is brought about through polymer morphology phase changes as in thermoplastics not through vulcanization as seen in other elastomers. Because of its thermoplastic nature, HPU has excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance that other elastomers are unable to match. Meanwhile, HPUs have good flexibility and shock absorbing performance. An additional advantage of HPUs is that they can be molded using conventional thermoplastic processes. This hydrolysis resistant PU can be used where other PU’s get broken already much earlier. The machinability by turning, milling, and grinding is excellent. FDA approved.

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