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Raising the Bar for Forging and Extrusion Equipment

With an understanding that the forging and extrusion industry relies heavily on decades-old equipment, System Seals has redesigned the stock rubber V-packing used for forging equipment and developed a custom sealing solution with more than twice the normal lifespan.

System Seals’ proprietary Elite system integrates at least one polyurethane seal in conjunction with the traditional rubber-and-cloth seals that run up to 2100 milimeters in diameter. The combination maximizes the sealing abilities of rubber, while increasing the abrasion resistance of polyurethane.

Because each heavy duty press differs greatly, System Seals custom designs blended-material V-packing for every ram. System Seals specialists analyze previously worn seals to identify weaknesses, and then examine the design, condition and intricacies of the ram itself to recreate an entirely new V-packing.

Custom-designed products for heavy duty presses in the forging and extrusion industry from System Seals are often produced and delivered considerably more quickly than off-the-shelf replacements. And because lost productivity can run into the millions, System Seals can help with the installation and any technical support long after the sale, including any future maintenance and repair concerns.

System Seals’ custom-designed products for heavy duty forging presses include sealing solutions for:

  • Main Rams
  • Side/Pullback Cylinders
  • Manipulators
  • Plunger Pump Packing
  • High Pressure Flanges

For aluminum extrusion presses, System Seals offers uniquely designed solutions for:

  • Main Rams
  • Container Cylinders
  • Shear Cylinders
  • Side/Pullback Cylinders
  • Die Slide Cylinders
  • Tie Rod Bushings

Also, for automotive and tire presses, System Seals develops custom seals for:

  • Side/Pullback Cylinders
  • High Pressure Flange Seals
  • Center Mechanisms
  • Pot Heaters
  • Cold Forming Presses
  • Press Brake

Additionally, System Seals is equipped to develop a range of sealing solutions for:

  • Bailing Presses
  • Chipboard and Veneer Presses
  • Scrap Sheers
  • Ceramic and Brick Presses

Custom seal solutions for the forging industry’s full spectrum of presses

System Seals has developed customized seals for all of the industry’s leading presses, including:

  • Mesta
  • Verson
  • Clearing
  • Siemplekamp
  • Erie
  • United
  • UBE
  • Presezzi
  • Loewy
  • Sack
  • Watson Stillman
  • Wean United
  • SMS
  • Pahnke
  • Muller Weingarten

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