General Information

Our Capabilities

System Seals Inc. is a highly innovative and technologically focused company committed to providing its customers with the best sealing solutions in the world. Customers new to the company are often surprised that System Seals not only designs and delivers products more quickly than other companies, but that our leading engineers and industry specialists work directly with OEM and maintenance-and-repair customers. Together, they improve product designs and materials that substantially increase reliability and outperform stock products.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, System Seals has an extensive research-and-development department and on-site testing facilities, where new designs and custom material blends are refined. System Seals serves many of the world’s largest companies on five continents. And with an extensive team of industry specialists, System Seals can provides extensive on-site technical support anywhere in the world.

  • Seals in all sizes up to 6 meters in diameter
  • Customized large diameter seals and related components
  • Complete seal systems optimized for complex components
  • Seal kits
  • Application-specific seal designs
  • Rod Seals
  • Piston seals
  • Wipers
  • Guide bands
  • Static seals
  • High-pressure fluid seals
  • Custom seal designs
  • Custom blended materials
  • Emergency service
  • Urgent turnaround on proposals and OEM products
  • Technical support
  • Research and development
  • In-house physical and material testing
  • Field support
  • Installation support
  • Seal failure analysis
  • Reverse engineering

Our History

System Seals was founded in 1995 by Arnold von Engelbrechten, a German-born engineer who focused his early career on applying new technologies to the complacent field of hydraulic seals. Throughout the 1990s manufacturing continued to make substantial strides, but he realized the seal industry lagged woefully behind.

He and a small group of application engineers began to study the inner workings of seals within entire hydraulic systems and how a group of seals could be optimized together. They began machining seal systems that maximized performance under specific operating parameters. The approach not only met new demands of modern manufacturing, but equipment operators saw an immediate boost in reliability and performance.

Before long, the approach caught the attention of some of the largest corporations in the world, in both OEM and maintenance-and-repair. System Seals ramped up its efforts and began to apply cutting-edge design techniques such as finite element analysis and custom blended materials that could withstand greater pressures, temperatures and friction.

Customers saw the new technology translate immediately into profits, and additional industries took notice. They, too, asked System Seals to review their applications and find new efficiencies – industries such as oil and gas, steel and aluminum processing, mining and wind. Since then, System Seals has helped transform seal technology in a multitude of industries throughout the world.

Today, System Seals is widely regarded as the industry’s foremost problem solver, who strives to find even the smallest improvements in every product they make. It is a culture that underscores the entire company and will continue to drive its growth.       


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