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For any application, System Seals can design and produce custom products that substantially outperform all stock parts – and we usually deliver finished products more quickly than other companies ship standard stock parts. System Seals’ proprietary customization process begins in our engineering and Research and Development Departments. The process can include some or all of the following steps:

Thoroughly review application details and all operating parameters

Consult with experts in your industry for technical support

Review failure modes and conduct failure analysis

Create Finite Element Analysis

Review current product materials

Custom blend new materials

Develop new prototypes

Test prototypes at System Seals or in the customer’s facilities

Provide engineering proposal and product quote

Technical Capabilities

System Seals utilizes the industry’s most advanced technologies to develop the most effective seal systems in the world. Below are some of the tools we use:


Our customers work directly with industry specialists and application engineers who ensure the best solution for each application. Contact one of our specialists now to discuss how we can help solve your stubborn problems and substantially increase equipment performance.

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