Boris Vizelman

P: 216.220.1800

Applications Engineer

Boris Vizelman has been with System Seals for more than 17 years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Moscow State Academy of Applied Biomedical Technology in Russia.

As a former CNC programmer and operator, Boris intimately understands the relationship between AutoCAD drawings and how designs are machined into final products. This unique skillset has led Boris to become the lead manufacturing liaison between the Engineering Department and System Seals’ manufacturing facility.

Boris works closely with machinists to ensure new seal designs are produced to perform as the designers intended. It’s an unusual, yet critical role at System Seals. Throughout the process, Boris also works closely with customers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Originally from Ukraine, Boris has become an adamant fan of Cleveland and its professional sports teams. His native soccer was his first love, but he has grown to appreciate American football, baseball and basketball.