Baha Kutup

P: +49 (0)171 778 7750

Business Development Europe / Key Account Manager

Baha Kutup has spent his entire career in the seal industry. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Baha studied industrial seal management with Merkel Freudenberg, where he went on to become a product manager for the global manufacturer, focused on heavy-duty hydraulic seals and rotary seals.

He was later promoted to business-development manager at Merkel and played a key role in a €120-million sales unit, which employed 750 people. Baha later moved near Rochester, New York, to become a product manager for Garlock, overseeing radial-shaft-seal business globally.

Now, Baha applies his experience with some of the largest seal customers in the world, working with System Seals in an engineered-focused environment. He joined the company in 2017 with the goal of turning his attention to engineered solutions for OEM and metal-processing customers.

As the industry has become more complex, Baha realized that seal manufacturers won’t remain competitive by merely selling stock parts from a catalogue. Instead, he now partners with large OEMs to engineer value into each seal design and help manage global supply, logistics and oversight.

Baha is married and together they have a son. Baha enjoys reading, photography and soccer.