Aric Camp

P: +1-440.796.7997

Vice President of Sales

With nearly 20 years advancing through the medical-technology industry, Aric Camp has emerged as a market leader helping organizations achieve specific business goals. Aric brings his unique approach to OEM and repair customers identifying solutions that offer the greatest return on investment.

Aric begins with an operational analysis that pinpoints strengthens and challenges, as well as financial objectives within a specific business unit. He explores issues such as productivity, downtime, maintenance cycles, internal resources and emerging technologies.

His methods allow customers to step back and understand a wider perspective through an array of options available to them. It’s a value-added service that demands time and energy, but it’s an investment that fosters lasting partnerships that benefit everyone.

As Vice President of Sales, Aric is breaking into new markets with significant results, including manufacturing and distribution, where he is helping businesses achieve greater success through improved OEM products, sales growth and profitability.

With a business degree from the University of Toledo, Aric has played key roles with some of the most respected organizations in the world. And with a customer-first commitment, he is finding the same success in the fluid seal industry.