• System Seals Cylinder Optimization Process

    System Seals’ new Cylinder Optimization Process can unlock new data about your seal performance

Don’t just replace a bad seal.
Replace its company.

System Seals is a research-based seal manufacturer that uses proprietary design tools to optimize cylinder performance in ways no other company can.

The company serves a variety of industries in OEM and maintenance, including steel mills and metal processing, forging, oil & gas, mining, mobile hydraulics, cylinder repair and maintenance, wind power, injection molding and others. Contact a System Seals engineer today and learn why inferior seals are costing you significant amounts of money.


Our customers work directly with industry specialists and application engineers who ensure the best solution for each application. Contact one of our specialists now to discuss how we can help solve your stubborn problems and substantially increase equipment performance.

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    Bronze guide bands and bushings have been the traditional “go to” solution for guidance and load bearing solutions for decades.  Applications include hydraulic cylinder guidance and shaft bearings.  However, breakthroughs in materials, modeling, and experimentation have exposed the shortcomings of using metal bushings for such applications. Read more at the link below: the-advantage-of-composite-bushings-vs-bronze

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  • Knowing Your Guide Bands

    In an ongoing research-and-development project, System Seals put a variety of guide bands to the test and measured various properties, shapes, materials and dynamics.The process revealed some common misunderstandings about shapes and materials. What researchers concluded is that there are no catchall solutions. Different applications require different materials designs. This brochure is intended to provide the top-level finding […]

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